Capgemini Recruitment Process For Freshers 2018

Capgemini is a French multinational information technology company, whose headquarters is located in Paris, France. The company provides fantabulous IT solutions to the customers. With more than 40 branches all over the world, the company has been reckoned as one of the best IT consulting, professional and out sourcing services. The Capgemini Company gets hold of 190,000 employees. The company was first established in the year 1967, by Serge Kampf in Grenoble, France. The CEO and chairman of the Capgemini, Paul Hermelin has led the company since from his appointment on December, 2001. Here they are announced Capgemini Recruitment Process For Freshers 2018.

If your dream is to get placed in the Capgemini, then you need to know about the recruitment process of the company. The recruitment process for experienced candidates and freshers will vary. In this article, we are going to discuss about the recruitment process hosted for the freshers by the Capgemini. The recruitment process of Capgemini for freshers totally gets hold of 4 rounds, which are online aptitude test and essay writing, pseudo code test, technical interview round and HR interview round. Now, we are going to discuss about these 4 rounds in detail.

Capgemini Recruitment Process For Freshers 2018

Online Aptitude and Essay Writing

This round has two sections with 16 questions in each section. The two sections contain questions from aptitude and verbal ability. The duration of the round 1 will be 50 minutes. No negative marks in this section.

The portions covered in aptitude section are, area and perimeter, time, speed and distance, trains and relative speeds, percentages, mixtures and allegations, profit and loss, age based problems, time and work, numbers and rations and averages.

The portions covered in the verbal ability are, graph based data interpretation questions, blood relations, data sufficiency and DI concepts.

In Essay writing section, you will be asked to write an essay on any given topic. The duration for the essay writing will be 20 minutes.

Pseudo Code Round

In this round, you will be asked to write a programming code in simple English. This round contains 20 multiple choice questions. Out of the 20 questions, you need to answer 7 to 8 questions. You will be given a pseudo code and you will be asked to examine for errors or you may be asked to complete the pseudo code to get the right output. You need to be strong in the programming languages like C, C++, Python, Java and more.

Technical Interview Round

In this round, you will be asked questions from C, C++, DBMS and more. As well, you will be asked to questions from one or two core subjects from your branch or what area of interest you have mentioned in your Resume. Otherwise, you will be asked to speak about the subject you are interested in.

HR Interview Round

In this round, questions will be based on your family, personality, internships, education, hobbies, work experience, general knowledge and more. You need to behave well in this round, as your gesture will be noticed by the hiring manager.

If you complete these 4 rounds, you will get placed in the Capgemini.

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