JRHMS Community Heath Officer (CHO) Study Material, Exam Pattern and Tips

Jharkhand RHMS Community Health officer vacancies are released every year and a lot of candidates prepare for the exam of CHO. The competition for the JRHMS exam is increasing day by day so for this, the candidates need to prepare the schedule and plan. A lot of candidates apply for the exam of Community health officer.

So the candidates must start doing preparation of the exam as without the prior knowledge it will not be possible for the candidates to clear the exam. They should know the exam pattern and have the sufficient study material to prepare for the exam.

Exam Pattern

If the candidates want to check the exam pattern then it can be checked from the official website of the Jharkhand Rural Health Mission Society. It provides all the information about the subjects, topics and the pattern of the examination.

JRHMS CHO Exam PatternS

The subjects from which the questions come are the English language, Logical Reasoning, mathematics, general knowledge, and related objects. The candidates must prepare for the exam from complete and latest JRHMS CHO study material. So that they can score as much that they can clear the cut-off. This is a very good opportunity for the candidates to get the job of Community Health officer.

Study Material

The candidates must prepare the schedule according to the topics for which they want to practice more. There are various topics from each subject for which the candidates must prepare for. It is important to know the jhrms syllabus for the exam so that they can make the plan for the preparation. The jhrms syllabus is as follows:-


  • Shalya- surgery, kala chikitsa –medicine, rog vigyan avam vikriti vigyan – pathology, Ashtanga sangha- eight branches of Ayurveda, Shalakya tantra – ENT, Kumar Bhartiya – paediatrics, Ayurveda ithihasaya- History of Ayurveda, Prasuti tantra Avam Stri rog- gynae and Obst


  • Odd man out, simple interest, probability, time and work partnership, volumes, profit and loss, numbers and ages, simple equations, mixtures and allegations, boats and streams, problems on trains, permutations and combinations, quadratic equations, mensuration, areas, ratio, and proportion


  • Indian economy, Indian parliament, zoology, geography, basic Gk, sports, the basic computer, chemistry, famous books and authors, important dates and days, awards, inventions in the world, Indian culture, physics, Basic GK, history, culture, traditions and festivals, basic computer, sports


  • Para completion, antonyms, substitution, antonyms, passage completion, active and passive voice, transformation, error correction, joining sentences, spelling test, prepositions, idioms, and phrases, spotting errors, preposition, error correction, sentence improvement


  • Maternal health, safe abortion, immunization, infection prevention, child health, health care management, nutrition, diarrhoea, management, health statistics, non-communicable diseases, national health programmes and plans, environmental sanitation, communication skills, contraception, health care management

Thus, the candidates must make a schedule for the preparation of the exam with complete JRHMS CHO Study Material. The syllabus can also be downloaded in pdf and the candidates can check the syllabus anytime they want. This is a good opportunity for those who want to get the Community Health officer job.

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